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MC 303 (Roland) ASR-X (Ensoniq)

Ri-T composes short opus directly linked to musical actuality. He uses now Ableton LIVE after having been heavily addicted on a Roland groovebox MC-303 and an ENSONIQ sampler ASR-X.

2009 Triple Sec

2009 Cirque de demain

2 short sequences of 6' each for 2 artists acrobats competing in january 2010 in the international contest "le cirque de demain" .

2009 09 Le baiser de la veuve

Theater piece

Upon the text of Israel HorovitzWith Nicolas Guignon, Lionel Nizard, et Rita Neminadane. Drama. A LA FOLIE THEATRE - 6 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris

The piece of music is a remake of the famous Moby's song : "One of these mornings".

2009 06 La Tondue

La_Tondue_Affiche.jpg La_Tondue_Affiche_small.jpg

Modern play "L'évadée théâtre" Company.

About Second World War common atrocities among citizens after allies' victory.

Dossier de presse

2008 Wipping Willow

I started saxophone whan I was a kid. Easy, it touched the ground actually, then I grew up and had to carry it. Two projets between 2005 and 2007 lead to nice results, then I stopped for several reasons. I'm working on the next one. To be continued ...

Here with Wipping willow, a trip-hop band, LIVE songs recorded @ La Bellevilloise, Paris dec 007

award Spring 2008

2008 Second degre

2008 Croq Cerveau

2008 09 Google D

Google Developpers Day

Architecture university Paris Val de Seine

Playlists for the chill-out, cafeteria and main hall. Creation of an original soundtrack. Mix Performance for the closing cocktail.

2007 Sprong

2006 Feu d artifice

2005-8 Lanquarem


the first ever Free-Hop band, cross road of free jazz, trip hop hip hop and real electornic grooves samples, electronic patterns of many influences (funk, house, jazz, world, électro). Improvisation between machines, keyboards, saxophone, singers ... electronic jazz grooves.

La Scène Bastille, Elysées Biarritz, Lizard Lounge, urbietorbi ...

2002 Get Over You-FG Contest

2001 Spring

1999 E-biz

While internet gets bigger, majors start profitting of the tekno wave, French touch is exporting, Ri-T is auditor in a big five company. Hard recorded on an audio burner directly plugged on the mc-303. It gives that cheap sound, the hardware sequencer is really powerful, but it also drives you crazy with its very low editing capacities.

1996 beyrouth 303


It all started there a 1996 evening. "Sunny", was the first track ever written by Ri-T, ultra repitched it gave birth to "Od'iWan" Marche means "walk" it talks about the military presence everywhere in Lebanon, kalachnikov...