Titres deposes au Syndicat National Auteurs Compositeurs

MC 303 (Roland) ASR-X (Ensoniq)

Ri-T composes short opus directly linked to musical actuality. He uses now Ableton LIVE after having been heavily addicted on a Roland groovebox MC-303 and an ENSONIQ sampler ASR-X.

2009 Triple Sec

2009 09 Le baiser de la veuve

Theater piece

Upon the text of Israel HorovitzWith Nicolas Guignon, Lionel Nizard, et Rita Neminadane. Drama. A LA FOLIE THEATRE - 6 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris

The piece of music is a remake of the famous Moby's song : "One of these mornings".

2009 06 La Tondue

La_Tondue_Affiche.jpg La_Tondue_Affiche_small.jpg

Modern play "L'évadée théâtre" Company.

About Second World War common atrocities among citizens after allies' victory.

Dossier de presse

2008 Second degre

2008 Croq Cerveau

2008 09 Google D

Google Developpers Day

Architecture university Paris Val de Seine

Playlists for the chill-out, cafeteria and main hall. Creation of an original soundtrack. Mix Performance for the closing cocktail.

2007 Sprong

2006 Feu d artifice

2002 Get Over You-FG Contest

2001 Spring

1999 E-biz

While internet gets bigger, majors start profitting of the tekno wave, French touch is exporting, Ri-T is auditor in a big five company. Hard recorded on an audio burner directly plugged on the mc-303. It gives that cheap sound, the hardware sequencer is really powerful, but it also drives you crazy with its very low editing capacities.

1996 beyrouth 303


It all started there a 1996 evening. "Sunny", was the first track ever written by Ri-T, ultra repitched it gave birth to "Od'iWan" Marche means "walk" it talks about the military presence everywhere in Lebanon, kalachnikov...